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Kids and Time Management

Taking the Nagging out of Parenting
Sound too good to be true?
Read on……….
I returned home from teaching the first session of an organizing workshop.  One section of the workshop was devoted to “Becoming the family Manager”.  Some of the specific skills we discussed included:
  • Thinking through what needs to be done before forging through our day.
  • Based on these needs, developing a plan of action.
  • Writing that plan down and sticking to it.
  • Using the “Kindergarten Model of Organization” and storing everything needed for a specific task at its point of use.
  • And using a timer to help keep you on task.
Soon after returning home, I checked my emails and found a recommendation from a fellow organizer for a great new product, On Task On Time for Kids, by Timely Matters, Inc.  The timer is designed to help children develop these same time management skills.
On Task On Time for Kids is a unique time management system designed to be used by kids to help them organize routines in the morning (getting ready for school), in the afternoon (transitioning from school to home activities), and in the evening (getting ready for bed).
Daily routines are created by applying task stickers to a Routine Disk.  The Routinre Disk is then inserted into the On Task Timer Unit, and the child sees what tasks should be completed, what tasks should be done now, and what tasks are coming up next.
It is designed for children between the ages of five and twelve and is available with both girl and boy illustartions.  It is easy to read (even for pre-readers), fun to look at, and easy to carry.
“Let On Task On Time for Kids ease you and your family in and out of your day, reduce stress, and take the nagging out of parenting!”
Check it out.  Give it a try……….
Visit Timely Matters, Inc. at for ordering information.
Hmm……Do you think we could come up with a version for the High School student!?
Blessings to you!

The Timer is Our Friend

I am a morning person. I wake up ready to move, with a racing mind and many good intentions. Generally, there is more on my mind than I could possibly accomplish and I have a tendency to try and accomplish way too many things at one time, moving from one project to another, not accomplishing any of them.

On my best days, I hit the floor running and I multitask beautifully. On a good day, I discipline myself to finish one thing before starting another. On a jumbled day, I start many projects at one time, both physically and mentally jumping from one task to another, and end up a bit frustrated and behind.

I always have a mental (and often a written) list of what needs to be accomplished within the hour or even the next few minutes. But as I begin work in one area, I am too often thinking about and moving on to other areas.

That is where the timer comes in.

If you find yourself “wandering” from one task or project to another and having difficulty completing any of them, try utilizing the timer. It is amazing what you can accomplish in a specific room or on a specific task when you are truly uninterrupted.

If I set the timer for just 10 minutes and determine to focus on one area (for example, the kitchen and only the kitchen) for those 10 minutes, I can truly whip that room into shape. Then I’ll turn the timer off and move on to more, shall we say, exciting or challenging tasks at hand.

You can also use the timer to help you complete larger jobs. Rather than being overwhelmed with the enormity of a job, try setting a timer for 30 minutes or an hour. Truly focus on the task at hand, and determine to stop when the timer goes off. Then repeat this process as many times as necessary to complete the task. I think you will be amazed at what you have accomplished in a short, uninterrupted period of time and you will find it will go much faster than you imagined.

Moms, you can also use the timer to help your small children complete a task. They too, may be overwhelmed by very simple jobs. A timer with a challenge to complete a task in 3-5 minutes can help change their focus, even making it seem fun, like a game.

Yes, I truly did have to discipline myself NOT to leave my partially clean kitchen, to wander into my office and begin this article.

Happy tasks!!        



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