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Got Jeans?? Habitat for Humanity Could Use Them!

Next Wednesday, April 21st, I will be heading to Columbus, OH for the 22nd, annual National Association of Professional Organizers Conference and Organizing Exposition, and I would like to arrive with a car FULL of jeans!

Got Jeans? Build a House!

Scott Roewer, of Solutions by Scott, has arranged to have a ‘denim drop box’ at the NAPO conference all week. Scott is seeking to collect 500 pairs of jeans, which is the number of jeans that it takes to insulate one Habitat for Humanity house.

It is spring and the weather is changing (for the better – I’m definitely a summer girl!), and it is time, once again, to do the “great exchange”. It’s time to pack away those winter duds, in exchange  for your spring and summer clothes. Most of us have way too many clothes. And most of us are much more likely to let go of some of our clothes if we know they are going to a worthy cause. Who knew there was such a worthy and practical use for your old, tattered, out of style jeans?

All the jeans collected will be shipped to California where they begin their transformation into Cotton Fiber Insulation. California-based Allen Company donates their resources to bale the denim. Next, the material is sent to JBM Fibers in Texas. JBM converts the denim back into cotton fiber. Finally, the cotton fiber will be sent to Arizona, where Bonded Logic Inc. makes it into UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation. It’s a lot of work for a cool product, which Habitat for Humanity will use in a new house built in New Orleans and the Gulf region.

Read more about this fascinating process and a denim drive organized last summer, right here in Montgomery County, MD, “Denim Donation Drive to Help Insulate Habitat for Humanity”.

So, my Westminster and Carroll County friends, call me, email me, swing by my house, and bring me those jeans! Or, we can arrange to meet at a convenient location.

Cheryl Osterhouse – – 410.259.1466

Let’s fill up my car, help Scott collect 500 pairs of jeans, and insulate one Habitat of Humanity house with your old jeans!

Watch for “The Great Exchange” Blog Post, in the next few days, to help you in the process of purging the old, organizing the present, and making room for the future.

Happy (and Organized) Days!


Your Trash, Their Treasures

I am currently working with a client to organize her craft room. Now, she is a crafter from way back. She is a women who has seen trends and styles come and go, and has been in the forefront of many of them. Aside from crafting for her own enjoyment, Ruth is a craft teacher to many, a mentor to some and a Stampin Up representative to the masses. If you are in need of any Stampin Up supplies, Ruth can be reached at 410.751.8818.

She keeps up with the changing times, and so do her craft supplies. Over the years, her craft supplies have managed to take over her craft room. Despite the fact that Ruth is an organized soul, and had some great organizational systems in her craft room, the space had become unruly.

During our first organizing session together, Ruth was able to part with many craft supplies that have become obsolete to her. This truly is the 1st and most essential step in any organizing project.

Treasures Ready for Donation

You can’t organize clutter! And clutter is anything that you don’t love, anything that doesn’t bring you joy, or anything that you simply don’t need or use anymore. These are items that can be in perfect, pristine, and wonderful shape. They may be “in style” and current. But, if YOU don’t love them, if they don’t bring YOU joy, or if YOU can’t use them anymore, they become your clutter.

Ruth donated specific items to specific friends who she knew could use and would want them. Other items were boxed up for Goodwill. Finally, we had several boxes filled with art and craft supplies that she donated to Elmer Wolfe Elementary School. These included items that could be used for arts and crafts, as well as items that could be used as teacher prizes.

Both the teachers and the administration were thrilled and

For the hardworking teachers.......

thankful for Ruth’s generosity. The boxes were brought into the teacher’s lounge and the art and craft supplies were distributed to all. What an awesome gift Ruth was able to give the teachers at Elmer Wolfe Elementary School. Her trash truly did become a treasure and a blessing to others. Thanks Ruth for taking the time and the energy to bless another!

How might you be able to bless others with your “clutter”?

Happy (and organized!) days!


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