Call 410-259-1466 and speak directly to Professional Organizer, Cheryl Osterhouse, owner of In Order for Life, LLC, about your area(s) of concern.  Alternatively, you can email Cheryl at

Phone Consultation Free

We will then set up an appointment for a free, 20-30 minute, phone consultation. The phone consultation is an opportunity for us to get acquainted, and for you to tell me about your situation. I will seek to determine what is “out of order”, whether it is one area, or your entire home. I will attempt to find out what your organizing challenges are, and what your goals and expectations are. You will have the opportunity to get a feel for how I work with clients. If we feel that we are a good match, you can then either schedule an In-Home Consultation or, you may choose to schedule your first Hands-On Organizing Session or Organizing Package.

“The Forecast”  –   In-Home Consultation $75

During the In-Home Consultation, In Order for Life will evaluate the area(s) in your home that are “out of order” first hand, whether it is one area, several areas, or more! This is a time for me to ask many questions, as I seek to figure out your unique organizing, working, and living style. I will then be able to give you an idea of both the time frame and the process, and you will be able to get an idea of how I work.

Next, I will establish a suggested step-by-step Plan of Action, personalized for both your budget and your style, which will be presented to you during our first work session. If you choose to purchase an Organizing Package, $50 will be deducted from your first package, if scheduled within a month of the “Forecast”.

If you initially choose not to schedule a session or purchase an Organizing Package, you will receive your Action Plan within 5 business days.

If you know exactly what you would like to accomplish, and where you would like to start, you can choose to begin with an Organizing Session or Organizing Package and forgo the “Forecast” In-Home Consultation.

Organizing Packages:

Package Pricing:                         Total        Per  Session       Pre-Pay


4 Hour Organizing Package     $ 190              $  190               $  180


8 Hour Organizing Package     $ 352              $  176              $  334


16 Hour Organizing Package   $ 640              $  160              $  608


32 Hour Organizing Package   $1,220           $  152              $1,165

During our first session, we will begin by working together to sort and purge, one area at a time.
Subsequent sessions will involve organizing your space and belongings in a manner that is both stylish and functional.

I will suggest specific “homework”, jobs that you can accomplish on your own, after each organizing session, reducing the number of hours that we work together.  You may, however, choose to have me work alongside you throughout the entire process.   The choice is yours.

An integral part of the process is giving you the tools and tips necessary to maintain your newly organized space.  To keep it “In Order for LIFE”!

The number of hours of actual hands-on, one-on-one, organizing services will depend on the size and condition of your space, and your desired result.  It will also depend on whether or not you choose to complete homework, and how quickly you make decisions as we sort, purge, and organize.

  • Organizing Packages will be scheduled in 4-hour sessions.
  • Payment is expected at the end of each Organizing Session.
  • Save an extra 5% by pre-paying any of the Organizing Packages!

Maintenance Packages:

After the Rain 2 Hour Maintenance Package                $90
After the Rain 4 Hour Maintenance Package                $160

An After the Rain Maintenance Package can be purchased, multiple times, after any Organizing Package has been completed.
We will concentrate these 2 or 4 hour work sessions on those area(s) which were completed during the corresponding Organizing Package.

Payment is expected at the end of each Organizing Session

Hourly Rate (Purchased Without an Organizing Package) $50 hour per hour

  • 2 Hour Minimum

Shopping Services

$25 per hour

In Order for Life will make suggestions for any organizing products needed to complete the job, taking into consideration both your budget and your personal taste. You then have the option to order them online or shop for them in person. Or, if you choose, In Order for Life will shop for you at a fee of $25 per hour.

Donation Hauling Services

$5 per bag or box

or negotiable for larger items

In Order for Life can haul away all items to be donated and distribute them to the charity best suited.

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